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Christian Deuber


Thanks for stopping by the Farm.

Here is a little more about me.

As a 20+ year marketing veteran, I've enjoyed working with hundreds of unique brands, covering just about every industry you can think of. My professional skillset continues to evolve but will always be rooted in my passion for advertising, copywriting, music, and photography.​

I'm deeply immersed in disruptive technology and have been leading the charge for my clients, embracing every transformation from in-store retail to digital, mobile, social, Web3, and artificial intelligence.


Through the years, I've served on the founding teams for bleeding-edge companies like the 3D scanning pioneer Knockout Concepts and the first CBD beauty brand, Cannuka.

On a never-ending quest for "what's next," I've been involved with multiple record-setting crowdfunding projects, including product launches for the Carbon Flyer (iPhone-controlled RC-style airplane) and Quickey (multitool) by Trident Design.


From Fractional CMO roles with innovative startups to Senior Digital Strategist roles with nationally recognized creative agencies, I strive to always be involved with teams helping to define tomorrow. Even if this means being way too early with virtual guitars and Bitcoin ATMs several years ago.

Moving forward, I am devoted to helping emerging brands activate the latest marketing technologies. Core services include digital strategy, campaign ideation + execution, creative content curation, and thought leadership tactics for savvy CEOs.

Before starting Launch Farm, I spent five years as the Co-founder and President of the digital marketing agency COEXIST. Prior to that, I spent a decade as the Director of Marketing (USA) for the global design firm FITCH. (formerly RPA and now LANDOR).

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